Do you have any of these queries regarding selecting your Dream Door or other items?
1. How to decide on the Door suitable for me?
While as a general rule, determination of suitability of application of any item is the responsibility vesting on the buyer; to serve the purpose of a brief guideline, the following parameters play an important role and need to be addressed suitably for deciding upon the type of door most suitable for a given purpose.
  • Application or purpose of the door for example : Safety versus Privacy.
  • Location of installation for example , Bed Room or Living Room or Toilet etc.
  • The budget or the cost factor.
  • The general aesthetics proposed to be attached to the location.
2. I propose to build a house; when should I order?
Planned programming always yields better results in terms of cost economy and durability. Once the working drawings for construction are available along with the door and window frame schedules, the frames may be ordered keeping in mind the usual delivery period in such a fashion that their delivery could co-incide with the commencement of brick work to facilitate installation alongside.

Subsequently the doors can be ordered after a reasonable good idea of the floor level is available and/or flooring has been done to get the exact sizes.
3. How to take Measurements?
Measurements must always be taken in metric units - "millimetres" exercising great degree of care and prudence, preferably by an experienced person who knows taking care of the hinge and ground clearance gaps etc in such a fashion that no cutting or tampering of the item is warranted at the time of installation to preserve factory sealed edges.

It is always suggestible to get the measurements taken/noted by the person who is to be eventually engaged for installing the doors.
4. How to Order?
For placing order(s) the exact Bill Of Quantity has to be prepared by the customer which must contain the following details:

  • Type of Item
  • Type of Door Shutter
  • Thickness of Door Shutter
  • Design of Door Shutter
  • Surface finish contemplated
  • Size in millimetres [net height and breadth]
  • Quantity in numbers and
  • such other relevant and pertinent parameters.

Against such specific BOQ, Proforma Quote can be sought where upon the order may be confirmed in writing along with the necessary advance for taking up the manufacturing thereof.
5. Where to Order?
Our central office is located in New Delhi and we are accessible by phone / e-mail and fax as well.

A-228, Vardhman Grand Plaza,
Mangalam Place, Sector-3, Rohini,
New Delhi-110085

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Email :,
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6. What is the Delivery period?
All doors and other items offered by us are custom-made / tailor-made to the exact size and specifications of the buyer and production is taken up from level zero upto the finished product as the unit is equipped with a full vertical backward integration of the various processes involved. As such the usual time frame ranges from 45 to 60 days from the placement of the confirmed order with advance and/or technical clarifications whichever is later. However if desired and/or in special circumstances, expedited delivery(s) can be managed and arranged as may be requisitioned by the customer.
7. Can special packing be done for safe transit?
Depending upon specific requirements, packing in crate or plastic material including air bubble packing material can be offered at extra cost for ensuring safe transit of material.
8. Any other queries about Kitchen cabinets , Furniture, Sewing machine accessories or developing any item in wood?
Please direct your query to for a customized expert response.
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A-228, Vardhaman Grand Plaza, Mangalam Place, Sector-3, Rohini, Delhi
Tele Fax :+011-47011543,
Mobile : +91-9313033111, +91 8860055818
Email :,
Tele No: +91 1145685711